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Diversified Anesthesia, LLC, is a distributor and service provider for the products of these companies. We offer various equipment, parts and maintenance services manufactured by:

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Oxygen Analyzers & Monitors


AII-3000 A natgas Oxygen Analyzer
AII-3000 A Oxygen Analyzer
AII-3000 M Oxygen Monitor

AII-3000 AHC natgas Oxygen Analyzer
AII-3000 AHC Oxygen Analyzer
AII-3000 MHC Oxygen Monitor

Vacuum Regulators



  • Patented state of the art Digital Display Technology
  • Digital eliminates moving parts, extending the life of the vacuum regulator
  • Improved accuracy over analog. Accuracy is within +/- 1%
  • Easy to read display
  • Bars Represent Low, Medium, High and Full ranges
  • Color coding range on digital display corresponds to an analog gauge


  • 0 - 300 mmHg Gauge is standard offering
  • Easy to upgrade to Intermittent or Digital right in the facility
  • Same housing for both Continuous and Intermittent regulator
  • Removable back plate and gasket for easy cleaning
  • Reinforced inlet and outlet ports to prevent breakage
  • Easily serviced and cleaned with cold sterilant
  • Double O-Ring regulating module

All Amvex regulators are available in USA and ISO Colors. MRI options are also available.

Amvex Vacuum Regulator housings come in a variety of colors. Amvex also offers canisters, roll stands, and accessories.
For warranty information , please contact your local sales rep.


Integrated Flowmeter

  • Available in Oxygen and Air
  • Available in 0-8 LPM, 0-15 LPM, 0-25 LPM
  • Gas specific labeling and fittings
  • 50 PSI supply outlet
  • Comes standard with elbow and tubing swivel



Tube Style

  • Available in Oxygen, Air, Heliox and Co2
  • Available in a variety of calibrations
  • Come standard with a 1/8" FNPT connection but will be custom configured upon request
  • Available with a variety of adapters and accessories
  • Color coded to specific gas
  • MRI Options available
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Restricted Max Flow flowmeters are also available.


  • Available in Oxygen and Air
  • Available in 25, 15, 8 and 4 LPM
  • Comes standard with a 1/8" FNPT connection but will be custom configured upon request
  • Available with a variety of adapters and accessories
  • Body is color coded to specific gas
  • Available in USA and ISO Colors
  • MRI options available
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty


Reconditioned Units:


Modulus SE 7900

The Modulus SE / 7900 represents great ventilator technology today for the OR environment. 

Available are: 

  • Drawer Kit
  • GMS Absorber
  • O2, Volume, Pressure Monitor
  • Vaporizer Options
  • 3 Gas Delivery System
  • Waste Gas System
  • Latex Free Goods
  • 7900 SmartVent Ventilator


  • 7800 Ventilator


Weight 300 lbs.

- OEM Restricted Parts
- Calibrated Vaporizers
- New O2 Sensors
- Latex Free Goods
- New Batteries
- Complete PM Check


Modulus SE w/ 7900 Ventilator:




Ohmeda Modulus II w/ ventilator

Product Description

The Ohmeda Modulus II™ Anesthesia Machine provides oxygen and volume monitoring and has optional pulse oximetry and endtidal CO2 modules.

Choose from a variety of ventilator options:

  • Ohmeda 7000
  • Ohmeda 7800

Choose from several different vaporizer options:

  • Ohmeda Tec Series
  • G.A.S. GAV Series

Drawer pack configurations may vary from picture.


  • Double Flowmeter Tubes (O2 & N2O)
  • Flowmeter Protection Shield
  • Link-25 Hypoxic Guard
  • Touch-Coded Oxygen Knob
  • Oxygen Supply Pressure Sensor / Alarm
  • Oxygen Supply Pressure Failure Device
  • A.C. Line Power Sensor / Alarm
  • D.C. Power Sensor / Indicator
  • Selectatec® 3 Vaporizer SM Manifold
  • Minimum Oxygen Flow
  • Anti-Disconnect Fresh Gas Outlet
  • 3 Drawer Lockable Cabinet
  • Integral Footrest
  • Integrated D.I.S.S. Pipeline Inlets
  • Modular Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide Yokes
  • High Pressure Regulator and Gauges
  • Pneumatic / Electric Interface Main Switch
  • O2 and N2O (Standard)
  • Air (Optional)
  • Hypoxic Guard (Standard)
  • Oxygen and Volume Monitoring (Standard)
  • Optional integrated Pulse Oximetry, Endtidal CO2
  • GMS CO2 Absorber (Standard)
  • E-Cylinder and Central Gas Connections (Standard)
  • Guarded Oxygen Flush
  • Middle Shelf
  • “Tilt” Adjustable Top Shelf
  • Monitor “Swivel” Pod
  • 5400 Volume Monitor
  • 5100 Oxygen Monitor
  • Electrical Outlet Panel
  • Oxygen Power Outlet
  • High-Pressure Hose Hanger
  • Centralized Patient Interface Panel
  • Shelf-Mounted Utility Hooks
  • Anesthetic Bottle Holder
  • “Telescoping” Absorber Arm
  • “Lockable” Front Casters
  • Monitor Securing Straps
  • Battery Back-Up of the Ventilator


  • H x W x D – 155 x 88 x 64 cm / 61 x 34.5 x 25.2 in
  • Weight without Monitors or Shelves - 163 kg / 360 lbs
  • Weight with Monitors on Shelves – 217 kg / 477 lbs
  • Absorber Swivel Arm Length – 35.5 cm / 14 in
  • Push Button Vertical Adjustment (from floor) – 25.4 to 66 cm / 10 to 26 in
  • Range of Horizontal Adjustment - 5.5 inch Minimum; 11 inch Maximum

Ohmeda Modulus II Anesthesia Machine

5250 Monitor CO2 and 3/5 Agent

Product Description

Ohmeda 5250 monitor features optional SaO2 or 3/5 agent analysis.  Data is displayed numerically or graphically (with a waveform).  Audible and visual alarms are standard.  5250s are available refurbished from Diversified Anesthesia, LLC.


  • Utilizes new electroluminescent display and infrared touchscreen control technology.
  • One compact panel integrates data display, control, alarm, and message management system.
  • Display panel lifts off the monitor for convenience.


  • Main Chassis Size: H x W x D – 19 x 32 x 41 cm / 7.5 x 12.4 x 16 in
  • Main Chassis Weight – 10 kg / 22 lbs
  • Display Size: H x W x D – 18 x 29 x 8 cm / 7 x 11.4 x 3 in
  • Display Weight – 1.5 kg / 3.5 lbs

Display Measure:

  • CO2 Displayed Parameter - EtCO2, FiCO2, Waveform Insp/Exp Tmd
  • N2O Displayed Parameter – Mean N2O, Ins/Exp Tmd
  • O2 Displayed Parameter – FiO2, Exp. O2, Insp/Exp Tmd
  • Circuit O2 Displayed Parameter – 0-100%
  • Agent Displayed Parameter – Inspired, Expired, Insp/Exp Tmd
  • Airway Flow Displayed Parameter – Waveform, tidal Vol, Minute Vol, Min VOl Tmd
  • SpO2 Displayed Parameter – SpO2
  • Pulse Displayed Parameter – Pleth, Rate
  • Respiration Displayed Parameter – Rate, Apnea
  • Airway Pressure – Waveform peak, Minimum peak, Minimum Peak/Min Tmd, Mean

Refurbished - Ohmeda 5250 CO2 Monitor

AS 3 Monitor

Product Description

The Datex AS/3 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor is a light weight and fully featured monitor with three lead ECG, Temp, Sp02, and niBP capabilities. This Datex monitor unit has 2 hot-swappable battery bays where each battery last an average of one hour and supports 5 Mbyte PC cards for software configuration, information transfer, and network backup logging.

  • ECG, Sp02, Temp., NIBP. And BP patient monitor
  • 2 hour battery life with swappable battery bays
  • 12.4 x 16.1 x 5.3 inches, small and compact
  • 14” color video CRT display
  • Optional 5 – agent monitoring
  • Optional Recorder
  • Anesthesia alarm system classified into three categories


Datex AS3 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

Sherlock 5-Second Leak Detectors


    Sherlock 5-Second Leak Detectors are used for detecting leaks in pipe joints, tube connections, tanks or any system under gas or air pressure.
    They are very easy to use, simply wipe surface to be tested with a brush or dauber, squirt on with a squeeze bottle or spray with a trigger sprayer. Small leaks form white foam in 5 to 60 seconds. Large leaks form large bubbles almost instantly.
    Shipped only in unbreakable containers.

Sherlock fluids can be packaged in:
- 4 and 8 ounce squeeze bottles
- 8 ounce dauber bottles
- 16 ounce trigger sprayers
- single gallons packed 4 or 6 gallons per carton
- 5 gallon pails
- 55 gallon drums.

    The first and best chemical type leak detector designed for finding air and gas leaks at subfreezing temperatures down to -5 degrees Fahrenheit

    Specially formulated chemical type leak detection fluid for locating leaks in pressurized gas and air systems, except oxygen, in temperatures above freezing.

    For leak testing lines, cylinders and tanks carrying pure oxygen and compressed gases. Compatible with oxygen either high or low pressure as well as other gases.

    A leak testing fluid developed for fast accurate testing with the Winton Trigger Sprayer.

    The first fluid developed specifically for detecting leaks in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment  and systems. Works on the bubbling principle but is not a soap solution and dries clean.

    The most effective chemical type leak detector designed for finding air and gas leaks at temperatures down to -55 degrees Fahrenheit.


Hose assemblie


The Amvex Medical Gas Hose Assembly is officially the only UL Listed, CSA Certified and CE Marked Medical Hose Assembly in the industry. Amvex hose assemblies are designed for gas distribution in centralized areas of hospitals; dental clinics; veterinary facilities; operating areas; surgery centers and dental offices. Our Medical Gas Hose Assemblies are available in many different styles and combinations, customized to your specifications. We are also pleased to offer spiral hose assembly options. All Hose Assemblies are available in USA and ISO colors. MRI options are also available

Choose your gas type

Oxygen (O2)

Medical Air


Nitrous Oxide (N20)

Nitrogen (N)

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)



Hose adapter Styles

Amvex manufactures a wide variety of medical gas adapter, styles including: Ohmeda, Chemetron, Puritan Bennett, DISS, Oxequip and Schrader to suit your needs.

Available options include 1/8" mnpt and fnpt; 1/4" and 5/16" hose barbs and much more.

All Amvex adapters are available in USA and ISO colors. MRI options are also available

For more information, please contact us at:

E-mail Us:




Puritan Bennet



DISS Handtight

DISS Handtight


Oxygen (O2)   Medical Air   Vacuum  
Nitrous Oxide (N20)   Nitrogen   WAGD  

Couplings and Fittings

Amvex carries a wide range of NPT Fittings available in both brass and chrome. The size range from 1/8" NPT and up, available in male, female and combination types. Our NPT Fittings include reducers, pipe nipples, tees, crosses, elbows, hose barb connectors and much more.





Female Crosses



Bubble Barb

Hose Barbs

Hex Nipples


Pipe Nipples





Block and "Y" Adapter Assemblies

Amvex offers an extensive selection of Y block, T block, and Quad block assemblies. Our assemblies can be used with flowmeters, regulators, couplers, adapters, DISS combinations and body adapters. The assemblies come standard 1/8" NPT female all around but can be changed to 1/4" NPT female if required. They are available in ISO and US colors. Ask for MRI options


Y Blocks

T Blocks

Q Blocks

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At Diversified Anesthesia LLC, we pledge to provide distinctive quality and unparalleled customer service as we strive to gain the respect and trust of our customer, suppliers and partner vendors.

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